Power Services

UPS and Battery service is performed by factory direct Customer Service Engineers (CE’s). Today, Vertiv is a dedicated partner you can trust and rely on through every phase of your data center’s lifecycle.

Vertiv Services provides continuous availability and performance optimization to customers with its mission-critical infrastructure that keeps companies up and running no matter what.

Vertiv Services highly trained CE’s have a strong dedication to Business-Critical Continuity TM and take care of technology, so customers can take care of their business.

Organizations worldwide depend on Vertiv Services to maximize reliability, availability and economy of systems, applications and data in their critical areas.

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Power Management Services


A Regular Service Plan Promotes Uptime

The best way to keep your equipment running optimally and to avoid downtime is to monitor the ongoing health of your UPS with a proactive maintenance approach. Scheduling regular checkups for your UPS helps mitigate the possibility of part and component failures. With a skilled technician examining the complete unit (batteries, semi-conductors, wiring, resistors, breakers, capacitors, fans, etc.), any wear or potential failure will be identified and resolved before a problem occurs — and takes your critical load down with it.

Money Saver
It is less expensive to proactively have your oil changed in your car, than being stuck on the side of the road broken down. Which could leave you with thousands of dollars in repair bills?

Preventive maintenance on a UPS uses the same logic as an oil change. While the most obvious financial gain created by preventive maintenance is preventing expensive outages, a well-maintained UPS system will require few to no costly emergency service calls, which will help your business’s bottom line. Preventive maintenance can extend the operational life of UPS components, which cuts down on your number of UPS replacements.

Streamlines the Budget Process
Planning for the future is key to the success of your facility. With a proactive maintenance approach, you can avoid unanticipated failures and plan better for the future. Part replacements and overhauls can be predicted, which allows you to forecast costs and build them into budgets. If you skip a preventive maintenance plan, don’t be surprised when a part breaks down unexpectedly, leading to an unplanned — and costly — expense.

Reduces Complications
For larger data centers where UPS redundancy is an important strategy, you will often see many units operating in parallel. While increasing availability, this layering also creates a highly complex infrastructure that requires meticulous monitoring and a detailed UPS parts inventory. Compiling such a list (with equipment details such as serial number, location and service dates, all of which are linked in real-time to actionable information such as service history, operational deficiencies and online status) can be extremely complicated.

However, such an inventory can help data center managers implement a more proactive maintenance approach, not to mention understand the state of the entire power system. This specific and in-depth knowledge is essential in planning for future repairs, service and replacement parts.