Chloride CP70Z 31 UL – AC UPS

Range of single-phase output industrial AC UPS systems to provide secure power to critical AC loads up to 250kVA. The UL version offers nominal output voltage of 120Vac or 220Vac.

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Chloride CP70Z 31 UL – AC UPS | LeftSideView
Chloride CP70Z 31 UL – AC UPS | FeatureInfographics


  • Thyristor-based (SCR) rectifier
  • IGBT/PWM-based inverter
  • Input and output isolation transformers included
  • Multilingual colored touchpad display with embedded event log
  • 20+ years lifespan
  • Compatible with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries, vented or recombination types
  • Parallel operation


  • Tailor made systems to comply with customer's specifications
  • Ruggedized solutions for demanding environments: high temperatures, vibrations, dust, elevation, dripping water and moisture
  • Efficient maintenance: Easy front-access to most critical modules
  • Smart access to UPS data: Large colour LCD touch-pad for user interface with embedded event logger (up to 2000 events) and capability to export recorded events via memory stick

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