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Browse the Vertiv MPH2 line of rack mount PDUs on this page. The MPH2 PDUs offer you full control capabilities, environmental sensing, and remote monitoring.

Norman S. Wright Elementor #11742

Elementor #11742

This product is discontinued.

Norman S. Wright Liebert MPH Managed Rack PDUs

Liebert MPH Managed Rack PDUs

MPH is a flexible rack PDU – a perfect solution for growing IT operations. The PDU offers control to the receptacle level, as well as monitoring of the strip and environmental input options, such as rack temperature and humidity. MPH offers the industry’s leading operating temperatures, ensuring availability even in the harsh environment at the back of the rack.

Norman S. Wright Vertiv MB Modular Busway

Vertiv MB Modular Busway

Vertiv MB Modular Busway provides high density power distribution to the rack while eliminating cable clutter that can reduce airflow. This modular system is easy to install, and is easily expanded with a variety components in configurations to meet unique site needs. Available in high density and standard configurations.

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